Rui Pedro Sousa was born in Aveiro, Portugal.

Soughing a career as a Film Director he left home at the age of 18 to move to the city of Oporto in Portugal to study cinema at the University Escola Superior Artística do Porto.

Always with the mindset of becoming a Director, he gather his friends to Produce his first short film Tsintty (2013).

He spend the years of 2014 and 2015 making his next short film Limbo: A Small Measure of Peace (2016). Both this movies went to several film festivals around the world winning some awards including the “Rising Star Award” for Rui Pedro Sousa at the Canada International Film Festival.

In 2016 he leaves Portugal to move to London, in pursuit of his dream. During this period he started developing a project composed of four short films produced by Station Productions: George (2017); Zombie, Awoken and Whispers (2018).

In 2019 Rui Pedro Sousa joined Station Productions as a Partner and they are now developing several projects including Feature Films.