Vittorio Sala is an Italian director of photography, active in the United Kingdom and Portugal as well. He started his studies at the Film and Television Academy of CINECITTA’ (A.C.T.) and in 2012 he shooted WHEELS (Directed by Marco Oliva), entirely realized in the theaters of the legendary Roman structure.

 In the summer of 2014, he met the director Matteo Scarfò and shooted the sci-fi feature film THE LAST SUN OF THE NIGHT, currently on Amazon Prime Video(Italy). In 2015, he moved to London where he matured his cinematic style by which he had the opportunity to express in the short films of Rui Pedro Sousa and Dominic Hassall. The collaboration with Rui Pedro Sousa made him land also in the advertising field(BERG,2018). In 2019 he returned to Italy to make the short film IDDHU by Luigi Pironaci, the mockumentary JACOB’S DREAM by Luigi Veneziano and the feature film KNE by Alessio Pasqua.